1) A separate Word or LibreOffice file containing:

  • The name of the author of the article, contact postal address, email and telephone number.
  • Where appropriate, the author’s institutional or professional affiliation, stating the position held and/or the institution to which he/she belongs, without using abbreviations.
  • Title of the text in the language in which it is written and its English translation.
  • List of photographs and figures, together with captions, numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the article, and a list of tables and graphs, together with headings, numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the article.

2) The text of the article, also in Word or LibreOffice, indicating the locations at which the author considers that the images, tables and graphs should appear, together with their relevant captions, without inserting these elements in the text. The journal reserves the right to modify these locations in order to solve layout issues. The text must be anonymous. All references which may identify the author must be avoided.

3) A file for each of the images appearing in the text, duly identified by consecutive numbering. The same numbering should be used to mark their location in the text. Image files must be submitted in .tiff or .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The sources of all images, both those created by the author and those obtained from external sources, must be stated. In the case of images obtained from external sources, their exact origin and proof of authorization for their use must be given.

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