• Title, referring explicitly to the contents of the text and no longer than twelve words.
  • Introduction, defining the subject under study, state of the art, objectives and information resources used.
  • Body of the text, developing the main points of the article and containing the quotations and footnotes.
  • Results and conclusions, reference list and, where appropriate, appendices.

The article should be headed with the title in the language in which it is written and in English in the same font as the rest of the article. Under no circumstances should this document contain the name of the author, which will be indicated in a separate document.

Each article must be preceded by an abstract in Spanish and/or Basque and English, which will consist of a summary of no more than 800 characters with spaces in a single paragraph, explaining the objective of the work, the methodology employed and, succinctly, the main conclusions reached.

The keywords (maximum of five) must also be listed in the same languages to facilitate identification of the article in databases.

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