If within five days following notification of acceptance of the article, the author does not express his/her disagreement, then it shall be understood that he/she implicitly grants his/her authorisation to publish the text, both in print and digital form. The author accepts, as a condition of publication, that the Government of Navarre may reproduce the article in whole or in part, digitise it, adapt it or translate it if necessary. Likewise, he/she accepts that the article may be published on global communication networks and other digital media, making the digitized version of the publication available on the websites of the Government of Navarre or other entities related to it exclusively for informational and research purposes. The articles will be published open access with a Creative Commons licence (by-nc-nd: attribution, noncommercial, no derivatives).

Following publication, each author will receive a copy of the journal in which the article is published and a PDF version.

Sending an original for publication implies implicit acceptance by the author of all these conditions.

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