The proposal will include the title of the paper and a summary of 300 words. It should include all personal details (name, email address, mailing address, telephone number and identity documents). Only one proposal for presentation will be accepted per person and per thematic table, even if the paper is by several authors. Papers may be presented in the following languages: Castilian Spanish, Basque, French and English.

During the month of April, after the Scientific Committee of the Congress has analysed and evaluated all the proposals, the Technical Secretariat shall notify the admission or not of the proposal for a presentation; following admission, rules applying to publishing and style of the paper will be made available.

The final texts for publication may be sent to the Secretariat of the Congress ( on or before Sunday 9 September. Those not conforming to publishing standards and those submitted after the deadline shall not be published. Likewise, only those papers that have been presented at the public meeting of the relevant round table of the Congress and those whose authors have enrolled in the Congress (40 euros for SEHN members and 65 euros for non-members) will be published in the minutes, including a certificate of attendance, a certificate of presentation and a copy of the minutes, to be sent the interested party’s address once published.

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