The Society for Historical Studies of Navarre (SEHN), founded in Pamplona in 1988, is a non-profit association that brings together scholars of the history of Navarre.

It is characterized by its pluralism and openness to all scholars of Navarre’s history, without adopting political or any other kind of partisanship. Its distinguishing feature is scientific rigor.

All members are invited to participate and propose activities, as long as they refer to historical events of the Comunidad Foral or related to it.

Our corporate purpose: the study, promotion and dissemination of the history of Navarre from the high scientific dissemination. In order to become a forum for study, exchange of knowledge and cultural dissemination, it organizes throughout the year cycles of lectures, round tables, book presentations, debates, conferences, cultural visits, etc., aimed at the general public.

Every four years we organize the General Congress on the History of Navarre in order to present new lines of research, as well as the advances in the different areas of knowledge related to the history of Navarre. This congress is open to the participation of all professional historians, Navarrese and foreign, members and non-members, from all areas related to the proposed topic.