The Society of Historical Studies of Navarre (SEHN) carries out activities open to the whole of society, with the aim of studying, promoting and disseminating the history of Navarre.

  • GENERAL CONGRESS ON THE HISTORY OF NAVARRA: since 1986 and every four years, the SEHN convenes and organises the General Congress on the History of Navarre, its most important activity, and publishes its proceedings.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: the SEHN periodically organises various activities, including lecture series, round tables, debates, conferences, guided tours, etc., which are held both in Pamplona and in other towns in Navarre.
  • In collaboration with the Diario de Navarra, the AULA DE HISTORIA (HISTORY CLASSROOM) is organised, in which various subjects related to the past of the Comunidad Foral are dealt with.

Every year, in collaboration with the Department of History, Art History and Geography of the University of Navarre, the OLIMPIADA DE LA HISTORIA is organised, aimed at all Secondary and Baccalaureate students of Navarre’s schools.

In addition, all members are invited to participate and propose activities, as long as they refer to historical events in Navarre.